Look into Lorenzo’s World


The Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center has a long history of making life better for children and adults who face life-changing challenges. In 1953, 25 concerned citizens got together to find a way to help children who faced the devastation of polio. They formed the Ector County Crippled Children’s Treatment Center in 1954 with the hope that the services would be provided for the next 50 years. These concerned citizens did not know that children and adults would continue to receive therapy services at the Rehab Center for the next 65 years. The name of the facility changed to the Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center but the dedication of the community has remained constant. The history of the Center has been full of dedicated people who have devoted their time, talents, and financial support for the community for over 60 decades. This includes hundreds of community-minded citizens whom have given of themselves by either serving on the PBRC Board of Directors, The Crystal Ball Foundation, committees, volunteering, or as donors. Each of these people played an important role ensuring the children and adults who needed life-improving therapy and a chance of a better life. It is inspiring that year after year gracious and generous people have made sure that this wonderful institution would stay sustained not only during the good times, but more importantly during the difficult times. The success of the PBRC results from the generosity of the people in this community and the dedicated and compassionate staff.

The Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center’s annual Telethon raises much needed funds for the Sponsorship Program. The Sponsorship Program allows the Rehab Center to supplement therapy costs, purchase equipment, and make facility improvements to benefit our patients. Each year during the Permian Basin Rehab Center’s Telethon, patients and families graciously share their stories of perseverance and hope with the CBS7 viewing audience. This year we are honored to feature four-year-old Lorenzo Illas.

Lorenzo’s parents, Cindy and Miguel Illas, were excited about their firstborn child and experienced all the emotions that first-time parents feel. They were excited about his future and dreaming of the accomplishments that he might achieve. At 18 months the changes in Lorenzo concerned his parents and they sought help from their pediatrician. He was not interacting the way other children interact with their parents or people. He didn’t communicate or talk or play with toys like other children. He was referred to the Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center for speech therapy. At 21 months of age Lorenzo was diagnosed with autism by a developmental pediatrician. Cindy and Miguel were devastated with the news and felt their dreams for Lorenzo’s future were shattered. They sought help and looked for hope at the Center. With the help of the Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center and your support, Lorenzo’s life is changing. He is starting to communicate with words and a picture exchange system, as well as engaging, interacting, and responding to his therapists during therapy. His parents and therapists treasure each new skill or accomplishment no matter how small. The journey with autism is not an easy one, but Lorenzo and his family are feeling hope for the future.

All of us at the Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center want our community to experience the small victories that help Lorenzo become more independent. Together with your help and support we can continue making life better for Lorenzo.

During Telethon 2018 Lorenzo will be joined by fellow patients, Bodhi Nance, Junior Gamboa, and Kori Young. These amazing patients possess a spirit of determination, hope, and perseverance on their journey and each family experiences great joy as they celebrate each small victory. Please join us as we feature these inspiring patients during our 9 hour telethon.

On Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22 CBS7 and PBRC will host the 2018 Telethon. CBS7 dedicates station time and resources for a nine-hour extravaganza of community involvement, great entertainment, and celebration of the human spirit. Funds raised during the Telethon help sustain the PBRC and meet our patients’ needs through the Sponsorship Program. The CBS7 staff is joined by the PBRC Board members, employees, and community volunteers create a televised celebration of courage, hope, and determination. Corporate, foundation, and individual sponsors and donors are the heart of this effort.

Please show your support by watching us on CBS7 and making a pledge during the Telethon. Your gift can make a difference in the lives of ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges and give hope that shattered dreams can become dreams of new possibilities.

All funds raised through the Telethon support the needs of the patients at the Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center and stay in West Texas. Your charitable gift is put to good use in your community and will help children and adults who seek help at the Center. As one of West Texas’ oldest non-profit organizations, the Rehab Center continues today what was started in 1953. Thank you to all that have been a part of the history of the Permian Basin Rehab Center and a special thank you to the original 25 concerned community members that chose to do something to help children by starting a Rehab Center that would give hope to so many in our community.

To make a pledge before the Telethon please call at 432-332-8244. For more information, to schedule a tour of our center and Outdoor Therapy Center, or make a donation to our Sponsorship Program, visit our website at www.pbrehab.org or like us on Facebook. The mission of the Permian Basin Rehab Center is to make lives better for our patients, their families and our community by providing high quality and compassionate therapy services.

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