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Ever since I can remember, I have been intrigued with makeup and all those things related to it. However, within the last seven years I have become immersed in skincare as a business and have gained an appreciation for this multi-billion dollar industry and the advances that are being made in skin treatment. Our current ability to delay the aging process enables us to successfully turn back the aging process of our skin by at least ten or more years. Within my company, Rodan and Fields, extensive scientific research goes into the production of each and every product so that these claims are not empty promises.

Because we cannot naively believe the products we purchase are of equal value, nor that one cream will work about as well as another, the wise consumer will spend time in researching the ingredients listed for any item she considers using. Always remember that ingredients appear in descending order. Therefore, if mineral oil appears first, place the bottle back on the shelf. Alcohol is another product that is not ideal for use on the skin, particularly if you want to smooth and moisturize. Unfortunately, both of these products are major components in many of the skincare products found on the market.

The price of a product can be a clue of its effectiveness, however, not always. Some products are terribly overpriced because of their snob appeal and packaging. A crystal bottle in a gold box may contain rather mediocre ingredients, even though you paid a great deal of money for it at Neiman Marcus.

An interesting new innovation in skincare is the use of serums with advanced delivery systems. I am currently most delighted with two new Rodan and Fields serums. The Active Hydration packs a powerful blend of glycerin and hyaluronic acid to your skin, providing you with beautiful hydrated skin throughout the most stressful of days. When opened, the container delivers a premeasured amount of serum in a crystal clear dropper. I am totally delighted with this product — as are my customers. A second excellent serum is the Intensive Renewing Serum. Small blue gel capsules contain a measure of just-under-prescription-strength Retinal-MD. The beauty of these serums is their remarkable ability to effectively penetrate the skin and enhance its health and appearance.

If you are serious about improving the appearance and health of your skin for the rest of your life, take time to do your research on the exciting new breakthroughs in skin care and innovative products available to you. Obtain them and USE them. The most wonderful products in the world will do you absolutely no good unless they are used regularly as directed.
Call me with questions and comments, and always remember to smile as a smile is an instant facelift.

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