All About Love

Steeltoes & Stilettos


Valentine’s Day is all about love – your love for that someone special, your love for your valentines if you’re single, but what about loving ourselves? We’re often thinking so much about others that we forget to take care of ourselves first. I’ve recently had a baby and developed Bell’s palsy soon after. I have never realized how important it is to love yourself as I have the last couple of months. Being a new mom can be overwhelming and stressful. Add Bell’s palsy to that and it’s just downright exhausting. You’re often sleep-deprived, can only eat when you get the chance and putting on make-up becomes foreign. Dealing with Bell’s palsy can also decrease your self-esteem, and you have to learn to love yourself including all of your flaws and weaknesses. Self-care is essential for your own well-being and happiness. You have to love yourself first before you can effectively give love and take care of others. This Valentine’s Day, take yourself out on a date. The same way you would schedule time out to go with someone else – pencil in an hour to read a good book, spend the day at the spa, or any activity you enjoy. The same way you would send a valentine’s card to that someone special, write an encouraging note or compliment to yourself. Place it where you can easily see it every day, whether it be on your mirror, your desk or in your car to serve as a visual reminder. Most importantly, stop the self-criticism. It’s so easy for us to pick at every flaw we think we may have. Instead of looking at the negatives and being so hard on yourself, consider the positives and be kind. After all, we’re all a part of the same human race full of imperfections and flaws, but also capable of so much love – don’t forget to direct that at yourself and truly believe it!

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