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We all know women whom we consider special and beautiful. However, if questioned about what makes them so appealing, we find ourselves at a loss to explain their unique allure. Sometimes we have specific answers, but more than likely we only have vague reasons. Perhaps it is because the particular woman under discussion does not actually fit the typical criteria for beautiful.

A beautiful woman is usually considered to be someone with a flawless skin, perfect features, and a well-proportioned body. Oh, yes, she also has wonderfully luxurious hair. Such a person is ideal for the movies or on a magazine cover but can be much less enchanting in real life. Too much perfection may even become boring.

I am so involved in skincare and in good health that I rank a healthy active body and a glowing clear skin as something every woman should be willing to make an all-out effort to achieve. These, however, are only stepping stones toward the designation of beautiful. In my opinion, a truly beautiful woman has an inner glow, a vibrancy that defies definition but can be readily recognized. She draws people to her because she cares about others and is truly interested in them. She is concerned about her world and wants it to be a better place for all people. Even when her own life is difficult, she seeks to reach out to others and be a positive force. She is an instant magnet to children who recognize her enthusiasm and interest in them. She usually, but not always, tends to be nonjudgmental and open to others’ ideas.

She is active in her community and the wider world around her. She truly listens to people and does not need attention but is willing to step in and openly speak out when the situation calls for her to do so.

These attributes speak to me as beautiful because they go beyond the mere physical. They are like inner lights that create a very special kind of beauty within a very special woman.

After I had written this I read a number of quotes and poems about women’s beauty. One I liked came from the poem “Perfect Woman” by William Wordsworth:

A perfect woman nobly planned,
To warm, to comfort, and command:
And yet a Spirit still, and bright
With something of angelic light.

I love to hear from you, and remember to always smile as a smile is an instant facelift.

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