Perfect Timing

Get Fit With Kim


When is the best time to start your health journey?  Exercising? Eating right? Finally getting your health (and weight) on track?

Right now! The very next choice you make can be one that starts you on a healthy path.

Some of you may already be tensing up and starting to sweat with anxiety. You thought to yourself, “She’s nuts! The holidays are here. Now is the worst possible time to start something new. I’m way too busy. I’ll just wreck it on Thanksgiving anyway. I’ll start in January.”

My question to you is, will you? Really? Start….again….next year? In my experience, “now” is always the best time to start. And is the easiest time to start.

The trick is pacing yourself.  The fact is, any healthy choice is a good one, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Here’s how to make small changes towards your health goals during any time of your life no matter what’s going on or how busy you are.

  • Pick one thing to focus on each week.  This could be something simple like tracking how much water you drink or switching a piece of fruit for your afternoon sugar splurge. I don’t recommend overhauling your diet right before the holidays, but you can shift one or two food choices to more healthful ones. Small changes add up to big successes!
  • Work more exercise into your daily activities. You don’t have to join a gym, start working out every day or hire a personal trainer right now. Take the stairs, several times a day. Park further away from the entrances to get more steps in throughout your day. Set an alarm and do squats, jumping jacks, or pushups at your desk every hour or so. You don’t have to break a major sweat, and the additional few movements will add up to more calories burned. You don’t have to add more to your day if you can turn what you are already doing into exercise.
  • Plan your new year, now. Don’t wait until January to decide to hire a trainer or which nutrition program to do. Go ahead and join the gym, schedule your training sessions, purchase your nutrition plan or find a nutritionist. Get everything set up for you to begin the first week of January. Having this planned out and scheduled will help you get in the right mindset and take out the stress of figuring this out when you’re in the “holiday slump.” You will find that having everything ready to go, now, builds excitement and anticipation about starting your healthy journey. You may even be motivated to make healthier choices leading into January knowing you will be starting that exercise program or diet soon. It may be just the incentive you need to not “blow it” this Christmas thinking you’ll “fix it” this New Year.
  • Buy workout clothes, shoes, and gear you need to start your program in January. Having everything ready to go will ensure you stay motivated to start in January. Better yet, ask for these items for Christmas! It will be something you need and make shopping for you easier for your friends and family.
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