Eye Health

Did You Miss National Eye Exam Month?


Since 1989 the month of August has been observed as National Eye Exam Month in the United States. Throughout the month, eye doctors raise awareness about the importance of regular eye exams for people of all ages. If you missed it, that’s ok, now is as good a time as any to focus on your eye’s health!

People who have not had an eye exam in the last two years are most in need of an exam. Eye experts recommend that everyone have a full eye exam every two years for people without risk factors starting at six years and up through age 60. Before then, if there isn’t a reason for concern, an exam at six months old and at three years old is recommended.Once someone hits sixty years of age, they should begin having annual eye exams regardless of risk factors.

If you’ve hit age 40 and haven’t had an eye exam in quite some time, it’s especially important for you to get one scheduled. It’s at age 40 that early signs of eye disease may begin emerging, giving an eye doctor the opportunity to more effectively treat the disease.

It’s important to protect your eyes and treat them well to ensure that your vision stays as strong as possible. By having regular eye exams you can also help preserve your overall health. Problems with vision can cause headaches, and a proper prescription for eyeglasses can help ease your headaches if poor vision is the cause of them. Perhaps less obviously, eye exams can also help identify early signs of disease that are often not thought of as related to the eyes, including high blood pressure and diabetes.

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