Glow Up This Summer

Steeltoes & Stilettos


We’ve all seen that beautiful, effortless glow that Instagram and Youtube make up gurus seem to perfect so easily.  While a few swipes of highlighter and a dust of bronzer can get you that instant, artificial glow, your skin might hate you for it if you don’t do the correct prep work before applying multiple layers of product. Truth is, it takes a little more behind the scenes work, but it’s definitely worth the effort. I’m sharing a few tips and tricks to achieve that clear, luminous glow your skin will thank you for this summer.

Stay hydrated – This one is easy to forget. I always make sure to have a water bottle with me, and make it a goal to drink 6-8 bottles a day. Try buying a refillable water bottle with time labels to help you keep track of your water intake! This helps to keep your skin from becoming dry and tight.

Nothing glows like a radiant smile

Protect your skin while in the sun – Summers consist of lots of pool time, beaches and other outdoor activities. Be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen at all times to prevent burning. Even if you’re trying to tan, pick up a self tanner with SPF. I also make sure to always apply a light sunscreen or a primer with SPF under my makeup even for everyday wear.

Exfoliate, exfoliate! – Keep your pores from clogging and wash your skin every morning and night. One of my favorite products is the “GlamGlow Powercleanse Dual Cleanser.” It’s great for both oily/dry skin and exfoliates just enough for daily use. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week with a mask to give your skin a bright and youthful look.

Cover Up – It’s the perfect excuse to pull out your favorite wide-brimmed hat for the summer and don’t forget your sunglasses. It’s fun to accessorize and your skin will love you for it!

Fake Bake – While we all want to be bronzed goddesses in the summer (or all the time), opt for a self tanner and stay away from tanning beds and laying out in the sun to keep your skin from burning, peeling and in the long run, to prevent wrinkles. One of my favorites is the “Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer” that deepens your color over time.

Highlight & Bronze – Here’s the fun stuff! Shimmer in the summer is a must, but be sure to go for a cream highlighter in the summer rather than powder and apply to the high points on your face. Gives a more natural look! Also, add some warmth and a sheer glow to your skin with some bronzer – shimmer or matte, your choice!

Smile – Nothing glows like a radiant smile, so don’t leave the house without it!

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