The Biggest Mistakes That Lead To Weight Gain: #1

Get Fit With Kim


We know that to lose weight and keep it off, we must pay attention to our diet (nutrition) and work out daily (exercise). But what if I told you there are 4 HUGE mistakes having NOTHING to do with nutrition OR exercise that lead to WEIGHT GAIN?!

That’s right! There are things you could be doing right now that are causing you to either GAIN WEIGHT (and not the good kind) or that are dramatically hindering your efforts towards your weight loss and fitness goals.  I don’t know about you, but I want my diet and exercise efforts to work! So, if there are other things I can do – or not do – to help myself out, I want to take advantage of them.

In this series, I will share with you the TOP MISTAKES that lead to (unwanted) WEIGHT GAIN, why they lead to WEIGHT GAIN, and HOW TO AVOID THEM!!

The #1 MISTAKE that leads to WEIGHT GAIN….



This could also include workout clothes, sweats, big baggy clothing, and for you men – shorts and baggy shirts left untucked. Basically, anything that’s “hiding” your subtle bulges. You know, your “Thanksgiving pants.”

It starts out innocent enough. You’re a little tired today and don’t feel like getting “dressed up.” Or just this once you’re going run errands right after your workout and don’t have time to shower. Before long, you are in every color of yoga pants imaginable and start color-coordinating your wardrobe to match your favorite pair. You know, the ones “you’ve had forever.” The same ones that are now stretched out a lot more than you realize or would like to admit.

Suddenly, you find yourself washing them every night and have a panic attack the next morning when you realize you forgot to hang them up to dry. Or heaven forbid someone put them in the dryer! What?!!?

You don’t even realize how long you’ve been “living” in (and relying on) your yoga pants until you have to put on “real” clothes for whomever’s wedding, baby shower, retirement party….

Then disaster strikes!

NOTHING fits! Secretly, in the depths of your mind, you knew you put on a couple pounds. But surely not too many. Right? Wrong. It’s always a surprise how much weight you’ve gained without realizing it. You go to the scale, strip everything off including your hair band and stud earrings because they MUST weigh at least a pound, cross your fingers, let out all your air (again added weight in your lungs), and gingerly step onto the scale.

Curse the yoga pants syndrome!

My advice? DO wear your yoga pants. To yoga! Or to workout. But put on “real” clothes EVERY DAY! This is particularly hard for me since my job requires that I literally wear yoga pants (or stretchy workout clothes) every day. However, I do still make it a priority to also wear “real” clothes most days. If I truly do not have time to shower and put on something other than stretching workout clothes because I have multiple clients throughout the day – or for whatever reason – then I do take 2 minutes to put on my “keep-in-check” jeans, shorts, skirt, or swim suit EVERY day. Usually, I will do this right before bed before I put on my pj’s. I’m changing clothes anyway, so why not? When I get lazy, the weight will creep up on me, too. “Just this once” ALWAYS leads to multiple times.

Now, I’m not advising you to go BUY a pair of jeans in the size you eventually want to be! That’s just torture!! If you don’t have a pair of jeans that fit you and that you like, then go buy a pair that FIT YOU NOW. As you lose weight and get closer to your goal, you will be able to buy the next size down rewarding yourself for your progress. That’s positive motivation and reinforcement.

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