Bright Colors, Bright Spirit

Steeltoes & Stilettos


So long grays and blacks, and hello color! If your wardrobe is anything like mine, you’ll find that most of it is made up of a monochromatic rainbow of blacks, whites and greys with a pop of pink or red here and there. This Spring and Summer, make an effort to brighten up your wardrobe and your mood. Here are 3 reasons why you should and how to achieve a brighter YOU!

1   You look good, you feel great…and even more so in some hot pink heels!
Colors have been proven to boost your mood even down to your clothing. Yellow is associated with joy, pinks with love and green with energy – who doesn’t love all of that? I know I always feel a little more vibrant and fun when I’m wearing brighter colors even if it’s just a pop. If you’re like me, it’s difficult to transition away from your usual darks, but you can ease into it by throwing in just a little pop of color with a pair of heels or some statement earrings.

2   Get your spring cleaning on!
It’s a great time to get rid of the old to make room for some new. It also helps to get rid of clutter which can improve anyone’s mood. When shopping for new items to fill your closet with, try to think of your style staples first. Love booties in the winter? Opt for some open toed or perforated booties in blushes and nudes for Spring. Swap out your favorite cardigans for some floral kimonos or even cardigans in lighter colors. It’s a fun way to give your closet new life.

3   Don’t just stick to your clothing!
Bright accessories and lipstick can always do the trick as well. Add some big bold earrings and a red lipstick (or two) to your routine to add a little pizazz. I think there’s some truth to the quotes we hear about a woman in red lipstick conquering the world, so “put on some red lipstick and live a little!”

May’s Favorite Find

Sugarfix by Baublebar Earrings

“I am crazy in LOVE with the Sugarfix by Baublebar collab at Target right now. They have the cutest earrings that look just like the ones straight from Baublebar but for only $12.99.!”

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