Central Bark

Odessa's Newest Dog Park


By Sandra Duesler

For many of us dog owners this is such exciting news we are chasing our own tails. Odessa is FINALLY getting an off leash dog park! Central Bark will be opening this spring and located at Slator Park at 1001 W 38th St, Odessa.  Central Bark will have separate fenced areas for large dogs and for small dogs.  Each park will have a pavilion and a dog watering station.  Each area will be BYOB…..bring your own ball.

Dog parks are great for a community.  No one wants Lassie running loose around town!  Benji shouldn’t be walking the streets or Pluto chasing a ball into traffic!  If Cujo had been properly socialized he would have been in a Disney movie.

Off leash dog parks are vital for your pet’s overall health and well being.  Not only are they making friends but they are learning proper social interaction with other animals and people.  Instead of sitting at home getting rounder and rounder, they are outside running and getting exercise.  Not only is this exercise better for their health, it’s better for your relationship with your dog and your home.  Bored dogs are often barking dogs and bad for your relationships with your neighbors and with your beauty sleep. Bored dogs can be destructive dogs.   Well exercised dogs are sleeping dogs and safer for your favorite slippers and your furniture.

It’s so easy for us to get in the same old rut.  Often these routines don’t allow us to meet new people.  After awhile we don’t even know how or where to approach people.  That’s what makes dog parks great for people.  It doesn’t matter if the person there is young or old, you already have something in common. Once your dogs are running and playing together it’s natural to start a conversation with them. Pretty soon you are sharing fun stories or even swapping cute photos.   Every time you go it’s a chance to meet someone new. If your pets truly hit it off you might even set up regular play dates.  Instead of sitting at home, you are out getting fresh air and some much needed exercise yourself.

Dog parks are also a great place to get information.  There’s going to be a sharing of information about veterinarians, training tips, pet stores, best food/treats, and anything that might be a health threat or health tip for our adorable pet babies.  People will share information about breed specific groups, people/pet events, and other activities that will keep you and your pet off the couch and out and about!

You can also join Friends of Odessa Dog Parks (FODP).  FODP is a non-profit group that formed to work with the City of Odessa to develop off leash dog parks.  FODP members worked with the City of Odessa Parks Department on the plans for the upcoming park and got to name Central Bark.   While the city will be providing all the basic needs for the dog parks.  FODP members will be working to raise funds for agility course equipment, additional benches and other items needed to make our dog parks great.

FODP is currently selling personalized bricks and pavers that will be used to line the path up to the gates of Central Bark.  There will also be one hundred 10” x 10” cement squares sold.  Imagine it as Central Bark’s Walk of Fame…cementing your hand prints, your dog’s paw prints, or your family name or favorite saying in cement!!

You can Contact us at: OdessaDogPark@gmail.com or find us on Facebook, Instagram @FriendsofOdessaDogPark on Twitter

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