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As I looked back over some of the articles I have written for the last two years, I was drawn to the one I had written at Christmas a year ago. Possibly my interest is because my company, Rodan and Fields, sells the very best eye cream I have ever used and, as of the first week in November, introduced a Lash Booster which nourishes the lashes and makes them appear longer and thicker. My customers and I are addicted to these products.

For this holiday season, it seems relevant to share the piece as it appeared in 2015.

We are well into the Christmas Holidays. From now through New Year’s there surely will be several events for which you will want to look your very best. A lovely dress is nice as is a wonderful hair style; however, nothing is more memorable about a woman than are her eyes. Just think of all the poems and songs about eyes. Luminous, sparkling, glowing, and sensuous are a few descriptions that one calls to mind.

Just how does one achieve eyes that are truly memorable? Of course, it is a great advantage to have eyes that are large, perfectly shaped, of a striking color, and widely spaced. However, no matter how perfectly or imperfectly you have been endowed by Mother Nature, there is so much you can do to enhance the beauty of your eyes. The most important step in achieving beautiful eyes is by keeping them rested and protected from the sun and from strain. Good sun glasses and limiting your time on the computer are important. A good night’s sleep can do wonders for anyone’s eyes. Use eye drops when your eyes feel uncomfortable or are red. My doctor recommends the Systane brand. Morning and evening use a moisturizing cream specifically formulated for the fragile eye area. The best eye creams contain peptides and retinol which help to control wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

With rested clear eyes, you can venture into the cosmetic possibilities of enhancing the appearance of your eyes. In my opinion, the greatest beauty invention is mascara because nothing does more to open up a woman’s eyes than do long, dark, thick lashes. There are many, many different kinds of mascara available. Some are for lengthening lashes while others aim to make lashes thicker by adding fiber. There are also many lash colors. The best way to decide what is right for you is by experimentation. Always strive for a smooth application. Clumpy or flakey lashes are distracting. Many women add false lashes for the ultimate experience in glamour. These lashes can be put on at home or in a shop which applies individual lashes with a special glue. These lashes are really lovely and remain in place for about two weeks. They, however, are too expensive for many a girl’s budget. One concern is that they can also cause your natural lashes to come out which is obviously is not good.

Eye liners can be used to enlarge the appearance of a woman’s eyes. I have read many guidelines on how liners should be applied and what shade of liner is best for one’s eye color. Generally you use a liner along the length of the upper and lower lashes. However, my advice is to do some different applications on your own and, if you can afford to, go to someone who is trained in makeup application to advise you. Also avail yourself of the myriad of information found in beauty magazines.

Eye shadow adds to the depth of eyes and can accentuate the color of the iris. A smoky gray or brown, used sparingly for day with a touch of color for evening, can be appealing. Once again, test and evaluate and ask for advice. Always check your make up in natural light. What looks great under dressing table lights may not be appealing in strong daylight.
The eye brows served the purpose of protecting the eyes at one time. Look at drawings of cave men with their low foreheads and shaggy brows. Today a woman’s brow is more simply a beauty statement. We keep them tamed and arched to emphasize the eye itself. There are professionals who can give advice on the shaping of brows and the width and color best suited for your face. There are also printed guides. Today many women find satisfying results from having their brows colored through a permanent make up process.

Eye makeup, when skillfully and sparingly applied, enhances a woman’s appearance and creates the focal point for her entire face. It is up to each woman to discover what is right for her.

My wish for you is that your Christmas is filled with peace and joy and that you experience the holiness of this season.

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And remember to smile. A smile is an instant facelift.

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