Do You Need a Timeout?

Get Fit With Kim


I lost my wallet. Yes, I was multi-tasking, running errands & trying to get EVERYTHING done that had I put off until the last possible minute. The bad thing was I had been so distracted by all of my “duties” as a ____ (fill in the blank ) to whomever in my life, that I didn’t even realized I had lost it until the next day when I needed to pay the swimming pool fee. Luckily they let us swim anyway. I figured why worry about the wallet now. It couldn’t get much worse in an hour if someone had actually stolen my identity. I wished them better luck with being me than I’ve had – wink, wink – and went about my swim workout.

When I got home, one would think the first thing I would do was go on a man hunt to find my missing life (aka wallet). Nope! Not this girl. Distraction grabbed hold of me again with its nasty hand. I began paperwork, emails, and bill paying. This was the one and only time I have EVER been thankful to pay bills. I couldn’t do it because…you guessed it. NO WALLET!! That’s when I gave myself the “hello McFly” head slap. (If you don’t know the movie reference, it’s Back to the Future. I’m showing my age here, but it’s a great 80’s flick if you haven’t seen it.) I finally went on the anxiety stricken man hunt for my wallet; finally finding it after a two hour search of every crack & crevasse including the grocery baskets at HEB. As I took a break from the search by raiding the fridge, I caught a glimpse of its little leather case. It was such a relief. Not only was the anxiety ridden food binge averted, but I didn’t have to try and figure out who and where to call to cancel myself and start a brand new identity.

This got me thinking that maybe grown-ups need ADULT time-outs. Not for doing something bad, necessarily. Well, ok. Some of us need time-outs for that, too – it’s called PRISON. But we need time-outs in order to get our heads on straight & refocus our thoughts so we can keep up with the important things in life. I notice that as life stresses & business piles on top of my shoulders, I don’t really “listen” to my husband, family, friends, etc. My true attention is elsewhere. This also means that I’m not listening to myself either (especially since we all tend to put ourselves last on the list anyway.)

I have always used exercise as a way to regroup every day and get my center back (I have many “quiet times” during workouts by listening to Christian podcasts, music, or just praying). It happens that exercise also doubles as a way to burn off calories, get in physical shape, and make us look & feel better.  In essence, for me anyway, exercise = rest.

I encourage you to take a much needed adult time-out by finding something that slows you down for a few minutes each day so you can be the best YOU for everyone in your life. Try 20-30 minutes of exercise. It works for me: I’m not in prison yet. HA HA!

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