Get Fit With Kim: Timing is Essential


Exercise is essential to any weight loss program and the only way to a strong, healthy body. However, you must keep one important fact in mind. You will never out-exercise a bad diet. I want to conclude this series on refocusing your New Year’s resolutions with a few tips to help you make the most of your workout time. This will begin my next series with exercise being the focus. 

More focused workouts will lead to better results with less time in the gym. We never plan to fail. We just fail to plan, as the saying goes. Without a destination, the road to success will be at best bumpy and at worst a dead end. Maybe you’ve lost sight of your goal. Maybe you reached your first goal and need to set another one. Or maybe your goal has changed or was never specific. Whatever the case may be now is the time to readjust and set a more specific goal to work towards. Once you have your goal, then you can implement the following tips to get the most out of your workouts and propel you towards health.

Tip: Make the most of the time you have.
The first thing I noticed at the gym this morning was how “busy” it was. I put busy in quotes because it looked like a bad zombie movie with most of the people wandering around with blank expressions on their faces. Don’t get me wrong. There were a few who definitely had a routine they were doing. But the majority of exercisers were trodding along on a treadmill or sitting on a piece of equipment. And I’m not talking about the first-time exercisers. I’m talking about the same people I’ve seen at various gyms over the past 20+ years. They do the same thing year after year and look the same year after year. The worst part was that they were still wandering around when I left—45 minutes later! I don’t think they had even broken a sweat. 

People get stuck in a routine for many reasons: they are afraid to change it, they don’t know what or how to change it, or they don’t see the need to change it. So they go day after day, year after year and never really get the results they seek. And spend hours of their day in the gym in the process.

I love the gym and working out or I would not have made it my profession. However, the last place I want to spend my free time is in the gym. You noticed I was in there this morning for 45 minutes. Some days my workouts may only take 15 minutes, but I promise those are not the easy days! 

Try this technique this week to jumpstart your routine—old or new—to make the most of your time. Set your timer or watch for 30 minutes (the minimum amount of time). Or for those of you who feel like they must spend hours in the gym to make it worthwhile; set it for HALF the time you normally work out. Make it a point to fit your routine into the allotted time frame. This may mean you take fewer or no rest breaks. Or this may bring to your attention that a few more exercises are needed. Either way, I promise you will get a great workout in less time. 

Next month I will address another exercise topic that may be hindering your results. Until then, join my free fitness group for short workouts that you can do anywhere with no equipment.

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