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She’s a classically trained pianist who competed all over West Texas in her youth. She’s an accomplished saxophonist who played in jazz bands and UIL competitions when she was younger. She loves to scuba dive, loves to hunt, loves to travel. She coaches world-class marathoners, cyclists, and ultra-distance runners (30+ miles). She was raised—and still lives—right here in Odessa. And you’ll soon be reading her column in An Apple A Day.Kim Clinkenbeard knows a lot about staying healthy and keeping fit. And she loves to pass her knowledge along. The readers of An Apple A Day will benefit from Kim’s expertise from her new column, “Get Fit With Kim” starting with the April issue. I found out some fascinating things about Mrs. Clinkenbeard when I spoke with her about this article. First, it became obvious early in our conversation that she is passionate about her field. The results she sees in her work, whether it is coaching an elite athlete or teaching a fitness class for beginners, fuel her passion, because she knows she is helping people improve their lives. And she can see the results. Second, Kim has a really wide variety of talents, interests, and skills. Under the tutelage of Ronald Bennett, a well-known area piano teacher and composer, young Kim studied piano and competed in regional competitions. She also played saxophone in the band and jazz band, participating in UIL and other competitions in that arena. A math major at Texas Tech, she was also a twirler (you may remember the term “majorette” from years ago) with the university marching band. It was in this setting that a pivotal event happened, one that would pique her interest in health and nutrition. As you know, twirlers traditionally wear form-fitting uniforms; their appearance is a factor in the appeal of the band’s performance. Kim’s height and weight were proportionate, but in spite of that she was ordered to lose 20 pounds. She quickly became a former twirler, and eventually became a collegiate twirling instructor. About 7 years ago her best friend, who is an elite marathoner, challenged Kim to accompany her in a road race. Kim declined, saying “I would never run unless I was being chased by someone with a knife and I didn’t bring my gun” (she has a concealed-carry permit). Her friend persisted, and Kim has been running ever since, competing in numerous 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, sprint and Olympic distance triathlons (swim, bike, run), plus two 70.3 Ironmans. In case you’re curious, the number 70.3 signifies the total distance of the combined events of the 70.3 triathlon—a 1.2 mile swim, then pedal hard for 56 miles on the bicycle, then run a half marathon, which is 13.1 miles. You don’t get to rest in between.Another fitness activity that Kim has been involved in is called Figure competition. It’s bodybuilding but without the bulky muscles. In other words, the female competitors are well-toned but not muscle-bound like the male bodybuilders (and some women). Her involvement in Figure competitions resulted in a more focused interest in nutrition, specifically how food affects the body. She earned a certification in nutrition and uses that knowledge in her coaching and personal training endeavors.Kim Clinkenbeard has a strong faith, and she is certain that she has been led and is being guided in her work. She has gained knowledge in quite a few areas of health, well-being, and fitness through a wide swath of experience, some from interest on her part, and some from things that have happened in her life. And those things that happen to her always seem to open doors to something new and exciting. The examples mentioned earlier—the forced weight loss as a collegiate twirler leading to an increased interest in nutrition, her friend challenging her to run, which led to her becoming a runner’s coach, and increased emphasis on food’s effects on the body as an offshoot of participating in Figure competitions—all give Kim the firm belief that she is at the place she is meant to be. This is of tremendous benefit to her clients, and to us, her soon-to-be readers.You may have seen her on PBS teaching a health/nutrition/fitness class (in conjunction with the Ector County ISD) which ran for many years in the Permian Basin area. Kim was the Aerobics Director at Odessa College and at World Gym, and she has been teaching aerobics in the Odessa area for many years. I wasn’t surprised to hear that she has a background in dance.The Rossiter System is a discipline of techniques and procedures developed to relieve pain, especially chronic pain. It involves opening up more space in between affected joints. Trigger Point Performance Therapy is another method of relieving pain, in which the patient can do the therapy themselves. In this program, specific locations on the body (trigger points) are massaged to relieve pain in other locations, whether joint or muscle. Mrs. Clinkenbeard is a Certified Level One Instructor in the Rossiter System, and she is soon to establish a Trigger Point Performance Therapy pain relief program for the Odessa/Midland and San Angelo areas. She also is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer, an AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America) Certified Group Exercise Instructor, plus Crossfit Endurance, Running, and Triathlon Coaching. Kim also earned a degree in Certified Personal Training from Penn Foster Career School.
A recent surgery on her foot allowed her the time to plan a new project—Kim is writing a cookbook aimed at people who want to eat healthier. She will showcase the recipes in her cooking class, which I’m sure you’ll read about. The cookbook recipes will emphasize cooking “in bulk,” with leftovers being part of the plan. And Kim will show how to make leftovers appealing. The recipes are mostly dairy-free, low sodium, gluten-free, and are made with unprocessed (preferably organic) ingredients.
Kim Clinkenbeard loves working with people who want to get into top physical condition and stay that way. And now we’re the lucky ones—she’s going to work with us! Watch for “Get Fit With Kim” right here in An Apple A Day magazine, starting next month.

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